Meaning of onion ring in English:

onion ring


  • A ring-shaped slice of onion coated in batter or breadcrumbs and fried.

    ‘I ordered a burger with onion rings’
    • ‘The ketchup arrived in a cute little ramekin accompanied by a golden mound of crispy onion rings.’
    • ‘I can't resist huge slices of crisply crusted, melt in your mouth onion rings.’
    • ‘Thanks to the batter, onion rings have 900 calories.’
    • ‘There is a comically mountainous platter of onion rings, which are more about crunchy batter than sweet, juicy onions.’
    • ‘Fry it in the oil for 4 minutes, then add the onion rings.’
    • ‘He does a spectacular tower of thin, delicate onion rings.’
    • ‘The fat onion rings have a lovely sweetness that belies the restaurant's utilitarian atmosphere.’
    • ‘The onion rings are probably the only thing that the pub makes well.’
    • ‘I smiled, and reached for the last onion ring at the same time as him.’
    • ‘Sour, light, fresh, and handmade, these go in the local onion ring hall of fame.’