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Pronunciation /ˈɒnˌlʊkə/

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  • A non-participating observer; a spectator.

    ‘a crowd of fascinated onlookers’
    • ‘Watched by a crowd of onlookers three firefighters went into the water and used a canal side crane to hoist the shivering animal out.’
    • ‘A crowd of onlookers had gathered at the training pitch of Austria's most successful modern football club.’
    • ‘The female escaped but the male deer suffered appalling injuries as it tried to get away from the crowds of jeering onlookers.’
    • ‘The streets were crowded with onlookers - a few women in black burkhas, many men and boys.’
    • ‘At one point, he tore past the crowd of onlookers at full speed, which might have been hugely impressive had we not seen his face.’
    • ‘Crowds of onlookers then flooded the park in celebration for the festival's family fun day.’
    • ‘What really strikes the crowd of onlookers is that this unthinkable thing has taken place and nothing happens.’
    • ‘As I moved closer to observe, the policemen told curious onlookers not to come near.’
    • ‘Crowds of onlookers lined the street in anticipation, most waving the US or the Rebel flag.’
    • ‘Anyone caught with a copy was flogged in the stadium before a jeering crowd of onlookers.’
    • ‘Crowds of onlookers watched as guests arrived at the theatre in a fleet of luxury cars and minibuses.’
    • ‘The funny thing is that all around them, there will be a mewing crowd of onlookers, watching.’
    • ‘Connected by an air line to a surface boat, he entered the loch as a crowd of onlookers cheered him on.’
    • ‘His motorcade arrived at the back of the hotel but a small crowd of onlookers spotted him.’
    • ‘The camera then proceeds to pan around to a small group of onlookers witnessing the execution.’
    • ‘Arriving at the scene, police found a number of onlookers and witnesses still in the area.’
    • ‘On one occasion an onlooker also tied the jackets, but others in the crowd were not satisfied and asked that they could secure him further with chains and handcuffs.’
    • ‘Bomb disposal experts first x-rayed the bag while a crowd of curious onlookers gathered.’
    • ‘The tension was palpable and a crowd of onlookers had gathered, fearing for the man's life.’
    • ‘William ordered the crowd of onlookers away and turned to comfort Estelle.’
    eyewitness, witness, observer, looker-on, fly on the wall, spectator, watcher, viewer, sightseer, bystander, non-participant
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