Meaning of only-begotten in English:



  • Used to denote an only child.

    ‘God did ‘send his only-begotten Son,’ and even if God in no way caused the sins of those who brought about Christ's suffering and death, God presumably knew what was going to happen as a result of those sins.’
    • ‘For the only-begotten Son, marvelously born of the Father before the ages and marvelously coming from the Father, revealed his glory when the Virgin conceived him by the warmth of the Holy Spirit.’
    • ‘It is a commonplace of our patristic tradition that the image of God is only one and the image of God is his only-begotten Son, our Christological archetype.’
    • ‘She was, after all, chosen to be mother to God's only-begotten Son.’
    • ‘God truly shows Himself by sending His only-begotten Son, Jesus the Christ, who is the image of his Father in heaven.’