Meaning of onsen in English:


Pronunciation /ˈɒnsɛn/


  • (in Japan) a hot spring, or a resort that has developed around a hot spring.

    ‘Firstly we went to the seperate men's/women's onsen just across the river from our little camp site.’
    • ‘The public onsen can sometimes be an embarrassing experience for overseas visitors.’
    • ‘For those who prefer to stay inside, there are also four indoor onsen.’
    • ‘For those who prefer to be inside the inn, there are two communal indoor onsen.’
    • ‘For our friends it was a great way to experience the Japanese onsen for the first time.’
    • ‘Some of the most popular onsen are outdoors, where bathers can gaze at fluttering snow in the winter or lush green mountains in the summer.’
    • ‘My thoughts were soon distracted, however, when I found an onsen off the road.’
    • ‘We had an excellent view of Mount Fuji from our room and from the onsen.’
    • ‘I have never felt so clean in my life as after 2 days of onsen!’
    • ‘The thought of being a naked tourist attraction is still a bit daunting and if the onsen was busy I may not be so comfortable.’
    • ‘My muscles relaxed and my mind unwound as I was lapped by water; onsen seem to bring on meditative moods.’
    • ‘The Japanese can do without all those troublesome waves and sun, and still prefer the tranquillity of their onsen.’
    • ‘As I had stopped at an onsen earlier and it was getting late anyway, I didn't stop at any baths in the town.’
    • ‘Imagine (in a broad brush, no detail please) a naked, sun burnt me and Hiromi in the changing area of the onsen.’
    • ‘These onsen are a major tourist attraction in themselves.’
    • ‘This thermal activity gives us one of the greatest things about Japan and Japanese skiing - onsen.’
    • ‘Kate and I neglecting to put on the slippers at the door were followed by the cute little old lady from the front desk all the way into the onsen.’
    • ‘The ritual and allure of the countryside onsen is even greater, and a night at a traditional country inn adds even more poetry to the process.’
    • ‘So we walked into the onsen in grubby clothes, covered in sand sun burnt and grimy and walked out scrubbed clean looking like summer messages of gentle womanhood.’
    • ‘The food was great, the atmosphere was charming, the onsen was nice and the service was superb.’