Meaning of oodles in English:


plural noun

  • A very great number or amount of something.

    ‘if only I had oodles of cash’
    • ‘There is super, relaxing seating with safety belts for four people, two multi-positioned tables and oodles of storage space.’
    • ‘And at the dining hall of the Games Village, they flocked for an evening of lip-smacking fare and oodles of fun.’
    • ‘Would anybody have trouble finding oodles of examples of symptoms in the modern Republican Party matching these?’
    • ‘One about the first time I was published, and one about what to do as a high school writer to improve your writing, and oodles of amusing and interesting links you lot had sent me.’
    • ‘Record sales are strong, that are making oodles of money.’
    • ‘Soon your rich friends will hate themselves and will buy you oodles of drinks constantly just to assure themselves that they still have friends.’
    • ‘Most of these conglomerates, you'll notice, have spent oodles of money on lavish campuses or office buildings, though.’
    • ‘If I had oodles of space to spare, I'd probably follow her example.’
    • ‘The velux windows let oodles of light into the new rooms.’
    • ‘It's amazing how many people seem to think I'm just starved for companionship and have oodles of free time to kill.’
    • ‘Mercury moving forward should infuse you with oodles of get-up-and-go.’
    • ‘The first thing such a law would do is put more power in the hands of the politicians, judiciary and people with oodles of money to spend on themselves.’
    • ‘Saturday night brought oodles of red wine celebrating Chris's birthday, and Sunday a dim sum lunch with Laura and Katy.’
    • ‘What's more the joy of winning against insurmountable odds can do oodles to boost one's self-confidence.’
    • ‘Anyway, while I won't have oodles of free time, I might have the occasional hour or two off.’
    • ‘And to achieve all these must-haves of life, all that you need is oodles of cash and of course television.’
    • ‘While putting up the show it felt like as if these children have come of age ridiculing the blemishes of the society with oodles of satire.’
    • ‘The Waterhead offers the best of both worlds - an idyllic lakeside location with oodles of contemporary chic and no chintz in sight.’
    • ‘They have no powers but are the personal representative of the Queen in each county which gives them oodles of quasi-Royal dignity.’
    • ‘It was designed to be a state-of-the-art installation, and would, it was claimed, save them oodles of money.’
    a large amount, a fair amount, a good deal, a great deal, a deal, a great quantity, quantities, an abundance, a wealth, a profusion, plenty, masses


Mid 19th century (originally US): of unknown origin.