Meaning of op-ed in English:


Pronunciation /ˌɒpˈɛd/


North American
  • A newspaper page opposite the editorial page, devoted to personal comment, feature articles, etc.

    as modifier ‘an op-ed piece’
    • ‘Needless to say, these are not the people who write the op-ed pages of European newspapers.’
    • ‘So he wrote an op-ed piece in the newspapers and people started hearing about Wikipedia.’
    • ‘His foreign minister wrote an article in the op-ed page of The Washington Post this week.’
    • ‘That bogus claim has now been refuted by both the snopes urban legend page and by my op-ed articles.’
    • ‘Editorial page editors call the op-ed page a garden of ideas, and they cultivate it lovingly.’
    • ‘But here's the problem: VATs don't raise nearly as much money as breathless newspaper op-eds would have you believe.’
    • ‘Whereas newspaper op-eds do the same, you can generally rely on a given newspaper to run opposing opinion columns.’
    • ‘As a result I sometimes find myself frustrated by pro-evolution op-eds in newspapers.’
    • ‘He also wrote an op-ed article for the local newspaper outlining his objections.’
    • ‘I've never gone and given a full blessing to an entire newspaper op-ed page before.’
    • ‘For them, my posts probably need to read more like a newspaper op-ed column than a diary.’
    • ‘The real debate over Bush's statement took place on editorial and op-ed pages.’
    • ‘The Journal's editorial and op-ed pages have been in the thick of every assault on democratic rights in recent years.’
    • ‘From time to time, the Post executive editor explains the paper's policy on the op-ed page.’
    • ‘This would be like prosecuting the publisher of The Washington Post for an op-ed article.’
    • ‘Both of these writers are forced to share space in the newspaper The Baltimore Sun on a op-ed piece.’
    • ‘This is an opinion piece and belongs on an op-ed page where it would be clearly identified as such.’
    • ‘He is also the author of several law review articles, op-ed pieces, and scholarly essays.’
    • ‘I'm looking forward to further stirring justifications of Miller on the op-ed pages.’
    • ‘Perhaps some women don't enjoy the combat or at least the intellectual combat of the op-ed pages?’


1920s shortening of op(posite the) ed(itorial page).