Meaning of opaqueness in English:


Pronunciation /ə(ʊ)ˈpeɪknəs/


See opaque

‘The universe is complicated enough without our creating even more, and unnecessary, obscurity, obscurantism, and opaqueness, and please, do not confuse relativism with relativity.’
  • ‘Gather a group of horse-dealers at an auction and you would be disappointed if there were not some complexity and opaqueness.’
  • ‘What followed adds to the complexity and opaqueness of the overall picture.’
  • ‘These points are not totally lost on the new candidate nations who must weigh economic benefits against the opaqueness and confluence of nationalistic interests within the EU's ‘happy family’ facade.’
  • ‘The opaqueness that has been a characteristic barrier to doing business and investing in Japan for many years is gradually being swept away, in favour of what is termed ‘Anglo-Saxon transparency’.’