Meaning of open-concept in English:



another term for open-plan
‘Executive chef Pat Riley, whose resume includes Toronto's North 44 and Avalon restaurants, says his open-concept kitchen will offer market-based French-Mediterranean dishes.’
  • ‘A minor institution in its own right, especially thanks to the very popular Les Dimanches du conte storytelling series and the good beer, Sergent Recruteur always had a weird shape, with an open-concept two-level thing going on.’
  • ‘Most of the rooms are cubicle-style, open-concept kind of areas filled with a bunch of average-looking guys.’
  • ‘They are well-off, living in a chic open-concept loft in Vancouver.’
  • ‘The layout is open-concept, with a few closed areas for meetings.’
  • ‘During the day with open-concept tables, that's the opportunity to do the DC walk-around.’
  • ‘On the third floor of the mall, an escalator opens into the very modern open-concept space.’
  • ‘The nutrition centre is a four-metre square open-concept space consisting of a front counter, kitchen facilities, and an administrative work area.’
  • ‘They are negotiating a deal to build 1,000 to 2,400-square-foot rotating, open-concept, quick-service, stand-alone sandwich shops for a North American franchise operator.’
  • ‘I shouted back to Jay, tying on my Chinese silk robe and padding into the open-concept kitchen at the beckoning of my perky, morning person roommate.’
  • ‘So a guild is very much like a university but it's not open-concept - it's a closed-concept university.’
  • ‘His home incorporates glass and wood features and if given the choice, he would hang the piece in his open-concept kitchen dining area.’