Meaning of open-plan in English:


Pronunciation /əʊp(ə)nˈplan/

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  • (of a room or building) having large rooms with few or no internal dividing walls.

    ‘an open-plan office’
    • ‘The main living area is a double-height, open-plan room divided into four structural bays.’
    • ‘There is a utility room off the open-plan area, with a door to the rear garden.’
    • ‘The five-storey building features open-plan office spaces, designed to promote teamwork and good communication.’
    • ‘This is situated to the rear of the property, with an informal dining area being open-plan between the kitchen and the family room.’
    • ‘The kitchen, breakfast room and family room are open-plan and have modern units with granite worktops and a breakfast counter.’
    • ‘It comprises a large open-plan room with a basement, kitchenette and storage facilities underneath.’
    • ‘Sometimes, whoever you are, whatever you do, you end up with the same amount of space as everyone else - particularly in open-plan offices.’
    • ‘Whenever obliged to walk around the large, open-plan office, I clasp my hands firmly behind my back, rather in the manner of the Duke of Edinburgh.’
    • ‘But if you put that same floorspace in a modern, open-plan office with bar coding and so-on, you could get massive throughput.’
    • ‘Despite the increasing trend towards open-plan office environments, the owners and manager of small businesses want an office of their own.’
    • ‘A venture capitalist is funnelling cash into the operation, so Mike and Luce have rented a groovy open-plan office and filled it with techy types.’
    • ‘I was struck by the atmosphere in our open-plan offices as the news began to break this afternoon.’
    • ‘Mother currently has 90 staff and everyone works in the same open-plan office, a former fire station in east London.’
    • ‘One of the beautiful things about this open-plan restaurant is that you can watch the cooks prepare your food as you enjoy the surroundings.’
    • ‘The large open-plan office certainly has an egalitarian feel.’
    • ‘A new report has called for traditional police stations to be bulldozed in favour of friendlier, open-plan offices.’
    • ‘Durable and seamlessly stylish, glossy resin looks beautiful in open-plan areas and warehouse conversions.’
    • ‘If everyone was like me, open-plan offices would be a really bad idea, eh?’
    • ‘As for what my colleagues in the open-plan office thought, I can only wonder.’
    • ‘In the 1960s, open-plan offices were introduced, though not without some controversy.’