Meaning of opinion piece in English:

opinion piece


  • An article in which the writer expresses their personal opinion, typically one which is controversial or provocative, about a particular issue or item of news.

    ‘an opinion piece in the Wall Street Journal predicted the closing of practices to new patients’
    • ‘The Sunday Independent reported the claim in an article positioned opposite a full-page opinion piece by the minister.’
    • ‘Coverage in the local papers is nearly daily, from opinion pieces on evicted musicians to straight news stories on protests at City Hall.’
    • ‘They have an opinion piece from a professor who decided she wanted to download some music legally.’
    • ‘Any person can contribute opinion pieces for this column.’
    • ‘While reading the article I became confused; the article would have been better categorized as humour or a commentary or opinion piece.’
    • ‘There have been editorials, front-page stories and innumerable comment and opinion pieces on the situation.’
    • ‘As an editor I understand the need for stridency in opinion pieces: it grabs readers and creates buzz.’
    • ‘A Stanford student has written an opinion piece for explaining why the music industry is making a huge mistake by antagonizing their customers, rather than embracing the technology they want to use.’
    • ‘This posthumous collection of his newspaper columns contains 46 trenchant opinion pieces, written between late 2000 and early 2003.’
    • ‘As a publisher, I think it was his editorials, his opinion pieces, that he was known for.’