Meaning of oppidum in English:


Pronunciation /ˈɒpɪdəm/

nounplural noun oppida

  • An ancient Celtic fortified town, especially one under Roman rule.

    ‘A major Celtic oppidum identified as the ancient site of Bibracte near Bourges in central France.’
    • ‘Coins came into use, again following Mediterranean practices, and large settlements known as oppida developed as centres for trade and commerce in the years leading up to the conquest.’
    • ‘He discusses socio-economic effects, such as the decline of the oppida, as well as the complex issues of identity and perception which arose as a result of Roman rule.’
    • ‘The empty native oppidum on the Northern Eildon, above the later Roman camp of Trimontium, had between 300 and 500 house platforms; Edinburgh had only 400 houses in 1400.’
    • ‘A lightly settled hinterland of Phoenician and Carthaginian trading posts punctuated here and there by Iberian oppida, Baetica appears to have ‘taken off’ during the long peace ushered in by the Augustan era.’


Latin, ‘town’.