Meaning of oppositionist in English:


Pronunciation /ɒpəˈzɪʃ(ə)nɪst/


  • (typically in a political context) a person who opposes someone or something.

    ‘a prominent oppositionist who criticized the party line’
    • ‘Funds available under the Iraq Liberation Act began to flow to Iraqi oppositionists.’
    • ‘In 1929 he visited Trotsky in exile, taking back with him a letter to Russian oppositionists.’
    • ‘Taya, who seized power in a coup in 1984, ran a despotic regime in which oppositionists were routinely imprisoned.’
    • ‘The Gestapo was above all used in the systematic struggle against government oppositionists.’
    • ‘I suppose they feel they have to be automatic oppositionists.’
    • ‘The recent attacks follow in a long line of assaults on oppositionists in Zimbabwe.’
    • ‘In many respects, the methods employed against oppositionists under Stalinism were reminiscent of the medieval Inquisition.’
    • ‘For all the noise made by oppositionists, the weekend events had all the intensity of a storm in a teacup.’
    • ‘Objective factors existed that explain why the question of terrorism occupied the minds of the young Moscow oppositionists.’
    • ‘This is to be the last capitulation of a leading oppositionist to be accepted by Stalin.’
    • ‘The British government is well aware of the fate that awaits oppositionists who have been forcibly returned to Zimbabwe.’
    • ‘That could propel the abrasive oppositionist - the man China least wants - to victory.’
    • ‘Now that the former oppositionists are also cabinet ministers, developing a healthy party system is the least of their priorities.’
    • ‘Other oppositionists are in hiding, with a total of 58 people now charged with treason.’
    • ‘And there are charges of kidnapping, detaining without trial and murdering of oppositionists.’
    • ‘Soon after Bush took office, the flow of money to various Iraqi oppositionists began to substantially increase.’
    • ‘Their tasks seemed perhaps more realisable in Spain than that of the oppositionists in any other country.’
    • ‘Their example was followed by a considerable number of the rank-and-file oppositionists.’


  • Relating to opposition or oppositionists.

    ‘oppositionist union leaders’
    • ‘Neil is at pains to stress he is not the oppositionist wrecker of the devolved parliament.’
    • ‘I expect them to become the generators of change in a way similar to that in which oppositionist parliament forces were in Ukraine.’
    • ‘Another kind of oppositionist politics might arise within international civil society.’
    • ‘They are therefore open to a turn to the Turkish Islamists, who have won a considerable following in recent months with their oppositionist demagogy.’
    • ‘A dispute by court clerks - on strike since last November - has held up the trial of oppositionist demonstrators.’
    • ‘But the underlying dissatisfaction of society is palpable there, and oppositionist forces have significant roles in parliament.’
    • ‘But the core of the oppositionist case put best by Berry goes wider than trade deals or pesticides.’
    • ‘When oppositionist leaflets were distributed in the Moscow ball bearings plant in 1935, more than 300 workers were arrested the next day.’
    • ‘Even the minimal goal of a better equilibrium, a more compromised hegemony, a more effective defense of democratic government, can only be achieved through oppositionist politics.’
    • ‘The war had been on for barely a week before the Washington Post, or at least some of its writers, went into an oppositionist mode.’
    • ‘With a view to their own advantage, the Social Democrats and Greens are trying to encourage the right-wing opposition around Haider to pursue their oppositionist stance.’
    • ‘A further indication of the Kremlin's increasingly authoritarian policy is its attack on oppositionist media since mid-May.’
    • ‘There has always been an oppositionist left and a constructive left.’
    • ‘Persecution of the Iranian Stalinists in the Tudeh party and other oppositionist elements began in earnest.’
    • ‘In the end, does Hitchens spell out the secret to living a full and satisfied life while placing yourself firmly in the oppositionist camp?’
    • ‘Too many left-wingers adopt a crude oppositionist stance, while leaving their own positive agenda unspoken and therefore unchallengeable.’
    • ‘There is no evidence to connect them with any oppositionist faction.’
    • ‘I still have in my library the oppositionist pamphlets and Marxist analyses of the vexed land question in Rhodesia that I bought there when Ian Smith was premier.’
    • ‘The situations were very similar, with violations of individual rights, unruly investigations into oppositionist activists, and a drastic gap between the extremely poor and privileged rich.’