Meaning of opuscule in English:


(also opusculum)

Pronunciation /əˈpʌskjuːl/

nounopuscules, opuscula

  • A small or minor literary or musical work.

    ‘Thomas wrote an opusculum dedicated to the question: what did Aristotle actually teach?’
    • ‘Dietrich's De Ente Et Essentia which bears the same title as Thomas Aquinas' opuscule is indeed a work that gives much evidence of having been prepared as a kind of rebuttal to certain doctrines of Aquinas.’
    • ‘Some notable instances are given in Professor Sir Rupert Cross's admirable opuscule, Statutory Interpretation.’
    • ‘As it turns out, even the infidelities in this opuscule are fake.’
    composition, work, work of art, oeuvre, piece, creation, production


Mid 17th century from French, from Latin opusculum, diminutive of opus ‘work’.