Meaning of or anything in English:

or anything

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  • usually with negative or in questions Added as a general reference to other things similar to the thing mentioned.

    • ‘no strings attached, you don't have to join up or anything’
    • ‘Not that I know anything about Tibetan music or anything, but that is what this reminds me of.’
    • ‘I'm not ashamed of it or anything, but I wonder what I'm supposed to be waving a flag at.’
    • ‘I have tonnes of schoolwork, but no more solo trips to universities or anything.’
    • ‘I was meant to have a stress free weekend with no band practices or anything.’
    • ‘Not that I was hoping to get a five hundred quid bike off the insurance or anything, you understand.’
    • ‘You don't need to endorse them or anything, because if the votes are fair they'll win hands down.’
    • ‘Thankfully people that have seen us haven't hated us enough to throw beer bottles or anything!’
    • ‘I would recommend the movie but not vote it as best of the year or anything crazy like that.’
    • ‘We were one of the first bands to go on tour without a record contract or anything.’
    • ‘He wasn't the type to show off or anything and he was so meticulous about doing everything properly.’