Meaning of or otherwise in English:

or otherwise

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(also and otherwise)
  • Indicating the opposite of or a contrast to something stated.

    ‘we don't want a president, elected or otherwise’
    • ‘Possession or otherwise of an ID card would make not the slightest difference.’
    • ‘I haven't seen either show yet, so I will not comment on their respective merits or otherwise.’
    • ‘I am yet to meet a man, in a partnership or otherwise, who doesn't exert total domination of this device.’
    • ‘We can't, here and now, establish the truth or otherwise of the Oedipus complex.’
    • ‘I don't think the surprise or otherwise of the ending is particularly relevant, in that sense.’
    • ‘Heck, it's not that easy to reduce this show to a string of phrases, pithy or otherwise.’
    • ‘He added that no other copies of the book, perfect or otherwise, were known to exist anywhere else in the world.’
    • ‘At least for those who do sell - willingly or otherwise - there will be no dealing costs.’
    • ‘But increasingly it seems that there is no plan of any kind, cunning or otherwise.’
    • ‘Success or otherwise will be down to their accumulated wisdom and experience and we have to help them find that.’