Meaning of oralism in English:


Pronunciation /ˈɔːr(ə)lɪz(ə)m/


mass noun
  • The system of teaching profoundly deaf people to communicate by the use of speech and lip-reading rather than sign language.

    ‘Elizabeth Peet, dean of women at Gallaudet College, was more colorful in her criticism of oralism's impact on Sign Language.’
    • ‘The early twentieth century brought discord to the Deaf community in the form of oralism.’
    • ‘The first was published in 1908 by J. Schuyler Long, a principal at the Iowa School for the Deaf and an opponent of pure oralism.’
    • ‘The Russian response to oralism differed in important ways from that in Europe and America, revealing a more complex understanding of Deaf people's status in society, and of cultural Deafness.’
    • ‘The chapter, in fact, encompasses many different issues: evolutionary theory, eugenics, oralism and the Milan Congress of 1880.’