Meaning of ordinary-looking in English:



  • Not distinctive or remarkable in appearance.

    ‘a street of ordinary-looking terraced houses’
    • ‘It was an ordinary-looking place: the kind you find in any Italian town.’
    • ‘Her ugly duckling role has worked like magic, reassuring hundreds of ordinary-looking girls about their self-worth.’
    • ‘Baseball managers wear uniforms because baseball is a sport of ordinary-looking guys with a collection of different talents.’
    • ‘Often the most ordinary-looking exhibits conceal a poignant history.’
    • ‘When he gets home, he soon discovers this ordinary-looking wooden mask is a magical mask.’
    • ‘My favorite gizmo was an ordinary-looking bulletin board in the kitchen.’
    • ‘Jake stared up at the doctor and a small part of his brain wondered how someone so ordinary-looking could be the father of Rachel Saxby.’
    • ‘They had to stop at a garage to ask for directions to the local coal merchant, which turned out to be an ordinary-looking, semi-detached house in a side road.’
    • ‘The only clue to the crime was an ordinary-looking piece of plastic - but within four hours John had his man.’
    • ‘We came to number 47, an ordinary-looking store with tiled floors and fluorescent lights illuminating the merchandise.’
    • ‘They are more likely to be ordinary-looking middle-aged gents in business suits, and a few younger in chinos and smart-casual wear.’
    • ‘It was difficult, despite his being very ordinary-looking, to take your eyes off him, because of his wonderfully expressive features.’
    • ‘Initially, she is intrigued by this ordinary-looking man, who seems to know so much about her.’
    • ‘It stars two unknown, ordinary-looking youngsters, and all the major supporting players are elderly character actors.’
    • ‘Her eldest daughter, an ordinary-looking girl, was twelve years old, but I should have taken her to be fourteen, and said so.’
    • ‘He wolfs down the rest of his tea and the chicken sandwich that will double as breakfast and lunch, and the interview switches venue to his car, a disappointingly ordinary-looking soft-top jeep.’
    • ‘Just outside the ordinary-looking two-story house on Pensacola Street, four lanes of traffic rush by, but inside, the ground-floor room is unusually quiet and still.’
    • ‘The parishioners, mostly middle-aged, ordinary-looking couples, sit quietly, their graying, balding, and silver heads rocking to and fro, humming along with the soothing chanting of the choir.’
    • ‘The Surrealists knew that ordinary-looking images of commonplace things - from teacups to pieces of fruit - could be employed as tools in the interrogation of social and political ideas.’
    • ‘Today this quite ordinary-looking little clam is found in lakes and streams throughout the United States.’
    unattractive, unprepossessing, as plain as a pikestaff, ugly, ill-favoured, unlovely, ordinary-looking