Meaning of ordinary share in English:

ordinary share


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  • A share entitling its holder to dividends which vary in amount and may even be missed, depending on the fortunes of the company.

    North American term common stock
    Compare with preference share

    ‘According to Netinvest's website, it holds 1.36 million loan notes in Voxpilot, almost 600,000 ordinary shares and 100 preference shares.’
    • ‘Last week multinational software company SAP, which is based in Germany, announced that it is converting its preference shares into ordinary shares in order to boost liquidity.’
    • ‘His holding is now 425,879 ordinary shares and 623,334 share options.’
    • ‘The company retained an after-tax surplus in 2002 of €1,659,135, following dividends paid on ordinary shares.’
    • ‘Payment will be made to the holders of ordinary shares in the company at the close of business on 15 October 2004.’