Meaning of Oregon grape in English:

Oregon grape


  • A North American mahonia which forms a spreading bush with spiny leaves.

    Mahonia aquifolium, family Berberidaceae

    ‘Palmatine is a constituent of many of these plants, which include goldthread, yellow root, Oregon grape, celandine, and barberry.’
    • ‘Berberine, a constituent of herbs such as goldenseal, barberry, and Oregon grape, has broad-spectrum antibiotic activity.’
    • ‘Where I live, native plants such as vine maple, Oregon grape, and salal flourish in the natural landscape, and I say, great, let them flourish there, but keep them out of my garden.’
    • ‘Several Mahonia species bear the name Oregon grape, and others are associated with Mexico or the south-west of the USA.’
    • ‘There are several species and varieties of garden-worthy mahonias, including ground-covering species like M. repens and M.aquifolium, the Oregon grape.’