Meaning of orfe in English:


Pronunciation /ɔːf/


  • A silvery freshwater fish of the carp family, which is fished commercially in eastern Europe.

    Also called ide

    Leuciscus idus, family Cyprinidae. See also
    golden orfe

    ‘The big main lake in front of us has nearly eight hundred carp plus some orfe and tench.’
    • ‘This is well stocked with a good head of roach, rudd, tench, bream, carp and orfe.’
    • ‘The same lake is also good for mixed nets of ide and orfe with fish to 2lb.’
    • ‘We had clearly arrived at the wrong time to catch a record orfe.’
    • ‘He bagged two double figure carp plus scores of orfe, ide and tench for his winning net of 46 lb 14 oz.’
    • ‘Plenty of small ide, orfe, carp and tench are keeping anglers active with one visitor from Leeds complaining that he did not have time to eat his butties.’


Late 17th century partly from German, and partly from French orphe, both from Latin orphus, from Greek orphos, orphōs ‘sea perch’.