Meaning of organizational in English:


Pronunciation /ˌɔːɡənʌɪˈzeɪʃən(ə)l/

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(also organisational)
  • 1Relating to an organization or the way it is set up.

    ‘organizational heads’
    • ‘a company's organizational structure’
    • ‘the need for organizational change’
    • ‘In terms of organizational charts, the conglomerate looks not much different from last year.’
    • ‘Unfortunately, my position was lost to some organizational restructuring.’
    • ‘These are changes that he is offering as organizational, but which cut the supervisors' power over health services in their districts.’
    • ‘The pool of trained individuals requires attention to recruitment, training, and promotion through the organizational hierarchy.’
    • ‘Pottruck says the new organizational framework has enhanced the visibility of risk management throughout the firm.’
    • ‘Create an organizational culture where all employees' activities are linked to delivering superior customized value.’
    • ‘The company has developed diagnostic software to evaluate organisational effectiveness within companies.’
    • ‘At the turn of the century, the military lagged behind corporate organizational development.’
    • ‘I have set up and administered several network services for departmental and organizational use.’
    • ‘All training programmes can be tailored to meet individual organisational needs.’
  • 2Relating to the action of organizing something.

    ‘she has great organizational skills’
    • ‘It illustrates not only her great technical competence, but also her high level of organizational and managerial skill.’
    • ‘The feebleness of the party's campaign was not merely organisational.’
    • ‘I suspect his biggest weakness is probably organizational.’
    • ‘Two women in largely organisational roles, the party chairman and chief whip, are tipped for promotion because they've done excellent jobs.’
    • ‘His role as adjutant was to act as Gibson's right-hand man for all the administrative and organisational aspects of the new squadron.’
    • ‘This session will be mainly organisational in nature, with a review of the last season's activities and a look forward to the coming months.’
    • ‘Case managers need to engage clients and help maintain effective delivery; the necessary skills are organisational and interpersonal rather than therapeutic.’
    • ‘Grayson specializes in applying social, developmental, and organizational psychology to help camps better serve children and staff.’
    • ‘Buell arrived at Louisville on November 15 and found an operational and organizational mess.’
    • ‘Members were asked questions regarding the leadership characteristics and organizational practices of their CSO.’