Meaning of organochlorine in English:



often as modifier
  • Any of a large group of pesticides and other synthetic organic compounds with chlorinated aromatic molecules.

    ‘Public outcry resulted in the banning of the organochlorines DDT, BHC and lindane in 1978.’
    • ‘Metals and organochlorine compounds were analyzed by the Quebec Toxicology Center, Quebec City, Canada.’
    • ‘They are urging farmers to rid their farms of de-registered chemicals such as DDT, Dieldrin and persistent organochlorine pesticides.’
    • ‘For the scientifically-minded: A perchlorate molecule is an organochlorine and has the chemical formula ClO4 -, four oxygen atoms surrounding a chlorine atom.’
    • ‘However, fish contain environmental toxins such as mercury, polychlorinated biphenyls, and organochlorine pesticides, which may negate the beneficial cardiovascular effects of fish meals.’



/ɔːˌɡanəʊˈklɔːriːn/ /ˌɔːɡənəʊˈklɔːriːn/