Meaning of orgasmic in English:


Pronunciation /ɔːˈɡazmɪk/

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  • 1Relating to orgasm.

    ‘orgasmic shudders’
    • ‘Hot and heavy loving with hungry kisses and tender caresses that promise orgasmic bliss for both you and your eager partner when all of a sudden you're one thrust past the edge, the dam bursts and it's over.’
    • ‘The orgasmic dysfunction is reflected in fears, anxieties, and worries as well as in negative states of mind, such as sexual burnout and sex-irrelevant attentional focus.’
    • ‘Clearly this is an equally important dimension of orgasmic functioning.’
    • ‘Florence puts on her client clothes, does sexy come-on routines for him, fakes orgasmic pleasure, sticks to the rules.’
    • ‘Although Hill and Preston proposed a complex and multidimensional motivational construct, the women in this study appear to have been motivated by lust and orgasmic release.’
    • ‘Miri shuddered as white-hot orgasmic waves crashed through her like storm driven waves onto a rocky shore, and she screamed uncontrollably as Ayamu's passion climaxed.’
    • ‘The androgen groups, however, had greater sexual desire, arousal levels, and sexual fantasies compared to placebo or estrogen alone; androgens did not impact on coital or orgasmic frequency.’
    • ‘I have the dimmest recollection of one night where I was having some sort of contact with a goddess, resulting in hours of intense mind blowing full bodied orgasmic bliss.’
    • ‘The lyrics suggest that she sees him as a father figure, yet during their first meeting her eyes roll into the back of her head in orgasmic delight when he touches her.’
    • ‘For most criteria, primary orgasmic disorder fits the well-established efficacy designation, and secondary orgasmic disorder fits the probably efficacious criteria.’
    • ‘The role of psychological, psychosocial, and psychosexual correlates of the orgasm experience would be useful in determining the course of sex therapy for those presenting with orgasmic difficulties.’
    • ‘The sex counselor who diagnosed their orgasmic dysfunction first contacted these women and asked them to participate in the research in order to understand better how women feel during heterosexual intercourse.’
    • ‘Make love to the music, and always with a condom (well at this time of our respective lives), until she squeals with orgasmic delight.’
    • ‘Kissing is not just limited to a boys mouth, you can gently butterfly kiss every part of his body in a way that will drive him to almost orgasmic bliss.’
    • ‘Notable was the fact that approximately 80% of both groups retained libido and orgasmic function.’
    • ‘Carmichael et al. hypothesized that oxytocin is involved in orgasmic muscle contractions, because of its classical function in smooth muscle contractions during parturition and for milk ejection.’
    • ‘Nowhere, however, is it more disturbing than when the novel's heroine simultaneously plays Chopin on the piano and brings both herself and the man with whom she is living to a state of orgasmic bliss.’
    • ‘Over their 5-year study, Masters and Johnson treated only 29 women with vaginismus compared to 342 women who were treated for orgasmic disorders.’
    • ‘To further complicate matters, we suggest it is very unlikely that hypoactive sexual desire and female orgasmic disorder are unrelated to arousal.’
    • ‘Women's sexual difficulties, such as female orgasmic disorders, are prevalent in subclinical samples and are commonly seen in clinical practice.’
    enraptured, elated, transported, in transports, in raptures, euphoric
    1. 1.1(of a person) able to achieve orgasm.
      ‘only orgasmic individuals served as subjects in this research’
      • ‘It includes all the info you'll need to become a totally orgasmic person!’
      • ‘Or perhaps it has to do with the fact that I was orgasmic half the time.’
      • ‘For these purposes, clinical anorgasmic women, subclinical anorgasmic women, and orgasmic women were compared in the scale developed in Study 2.’
      • ‘Overall, it seems that the experience of anorgasmic women was more centered on the aversive aspects of the heterosexual intercourse than the experience of control, orgasmic women.’
      • ‘This theory says that women are orgasmic so that they're satiated after orgasm and they'll be so tired after orgasm with intercourse that they'll keep lying down on their backs so that the sperm don't leak out.’
      • ‘Specifically, anorgasmic women tend to score lower in the relationship-centered and pleasure-centered patterns and to score higher in the aversive pattern than orgasmic women.’
      • ‘Any woman could become orgasmic after a night with him.’
    2. 1.2informal Very enjoyable.
      • ‘an orgasmic new drink’
      • ‘Grab a slice of orgasmic pizza at Alpine Pizza, before a brew at Murphy's or the Arizona Brewing Company.’
      • ‘Yes, the food at Kolu's is orgasmic!’
      • ‘That would be amazing and orgasmic and heavenly!’
      • ‘Lunch is a salad or sandwiches if I'm rehearsing or soup, ideally, as I find soup orgasmic.’