Meaning of oriental poppy in English:

oriental poppy


  • A south-western Asian poppy with coarse, deeply cut, hairy leaves and large scarlet flowers with a black mark at the base of each petal, widely grown as a garden perennial.

    Papaver orientale, family Papaveraceae

    ‘The oriental poppies we grow today are hybrids between two or three species from Turkey, the Caucasus and Iran.’
    • ‘The packet described this as a perennial oriental poppy, more compact than normal and suitable for a small garden.’
    • ‘They make good planting companions to the likes of climbing roses or border plants such as campanulas and oriental poppies.’
    • ‘I treasure its early bloom and sweet-smelling, semi-double white flowers, as delicate and translucent as oriental poppies.’
    • ‘The first is that you have been strong-minded enough to cut back the early herbaceous plants such as oriental poppies, delphiniums, geraniums and lupins.’