Meaning of origami in English:



mass noun
  • The Japanese art of folding paper into decorative shapes and figures.

    ‘an expert in origami’
    as modifier ‘a tree decorated with origami animals’
    • ‘In Japanese culture, origami is a helpful way to teach the principles of geometry.’
    • ‘There are many red origami paper cranes littered about the stage floor and around the chairs.’
    • ‘Wal was still doing his paper crane origami and Reese never stopped on teasing me.’
    • ‘Others deploy stylised forms of that peculiarly Western origami, the paper dart.’
    • ‘In addition, there were wives' classes on everything from oil painting to origami and more.’
    • ‘Each of the seven tracks is an elegant construction reminiscent of a perfectly folded origami sculpture.’
    • ‘First, choose an interesting story and plan ways to illustrate story events, using origami folds.’
    • ‘There will be free workshops all day in everything from screenprinting to origami, and a fun fair will be held outside.’
    • ‘They are folded so similar to the way the origami paper is folded.’
    • ‘Cut various size circles from origami or craft papers and attach with double-sided tape or craft spray adhesive.’
    • ‘Dustin watched expectantly as Mr. Hall did nothing but bend down, pick up the paper origami, and throw it into the recycle bin.’
    • ‘Akira Yoshizawa, origami artist and Japanese National Living Treasure, died last week at 94.’
    • ‘Topics ranged from the golden mean, spirals, and tessellations to fractals, origami, and impressionist art.’
    • ‘Small guitar figures unfold like origami sculptures gradually returning to virgin paper…’
    • ‘You can also put those fingers to work alongside the Konnichiwa Japan club which will be demonstrating the ancient art of origami paper folding.’
    • ‘The Papertree also sells origami paper, as does Michaels, which is located on Westmount Rd., in the same plaza as Philthy's.’
    • ‘I fold or draw paper in a similar style to origami.’
    • ‘Around 100 pupils from Liden Primary School learned the art of origami during a visit from Swindon's Japanese liaison group.’
    • ‘If we now do a bit of origami, taking a sheet of A1 paper and then folding it in half (along its longest side), we get A2 paper.’
    • ‘The intricate art of origami has nothing on how some of these little beauties grow, looking like crazily choreographed sea coral in their chilled humidifiers.’


Japanese, from oru, -ori ‘fold’ + kami ‘paper’.