Meaning of orthoepy in English:



mass noun
  • 1The correct or accepted pronunciation of words.

    ‘The name of the organization created to further Basic, the Orthological Institute, echoes such terms as orthodoxy, orthography, and orthoepy.’
    • ‘Some letters and combinations of letters depend in their orthoepy upon the etymology of the word.’
    • ‘According to Herodian - the ancient authority on orthoepy - the word should be pronounced as proparoxytone.’
    diction, elocution, manner of speaking, articulation, enunciation, pronunciation
    1. 1.1The study of correct or accepted pronunciation.
      ‘In addition to the subjects of Reading and Orthoepy, English. Grammar, English Literature, British History and Canadian History.’
      • ‘THE spoken word comes to the ear. It is a sound, and can be studied. The branch of knowledge that tells us all about it, is called orthoepy.’



/ˈɔːθəʊɛpi/ /ˈɔːθəʊiːpi/ /ɔːˈθəʊɪpi/


Mid 17th century from Greek orthoepeia ‘correct speech’, from orthos ‘right or straight’ + epos, epe- ‘word’.