Meaning of oscillator in English:


Pronunciation /ˈɒsɪleɪtə/

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  • A device for generating oscillatory electric currents or voltages by non-mechanical means.

    ‘One big use of capacitors is to team them up with inductors to create oscillators.’
    • ‘Each coil of wire is connected to an oscillator that produces pulses of current.’
    • ‘We used an electromechanical oscillator to apply a known vertical oscillation to the rover antenna.’
    • ‘The amplitude gain is determined by the detected photocurrent, which is used to modulate the amplitude of the local oscillator.’
    • ‘Ac power is converted to a high-voltage Dc current, which an oscillator or resonator outputs as an alternating current.’
    • ‘In this type of amplifier, the output from the oscillator passes once through a gain medium that is pumped optically or electrically.’
    • ‘The pure tone of a tuning-fork and some notes from a flute come close, and electrical oscillators can generate a single frequency.’
    • ‘The test circuit is provided with a feedback path so that the test circuit and feedback path together form a free-running oscillator.’
    • ‘We model the filtering characteristic of the electrical oscillator by a Lorentzian transmission function’
    • ‘A synthetic circuit that was designed to be an oscillator was shown to convert into a bistable switch when one of the interactions was removed.’
    • ‘Passive components are capacitors, resistors, connectors, filters, inductors, and oscillators.’
    • ‘Digital phase locked loop with a digital voltage controlled oscillator in a recording information reproducing apparatus’
    • ‘Internal voltage generation circuit having ring oscillator whose frequency changes inversely with power supply voltage’
    • ‘The field of electronic components spans many types of products, from diodes to EMI and RFI shielding devices to crystals and oscillators.’
    • ‘Lieber, Ham and colleagues used their technique to produce nanowire-based logical inverters and ring oscillators, which are inverters in series.’
    • ‘Mass-produced quartz crystal oscillators are found in virtually every piece of electronic equipment, from wristwatches to GPS receivers.’
    • ‘Additionally, POLARIS reduces total component count by integrating voltage control oscillators and loop filters.’
    • ‘CTS has launched a line of miniature mount, voltage-controlled crystal oscillators that show clean, low jitter properties.’
    • ‘Low-power voltage controlled oscillators in 90 nm CMOS using high-quality thin-film post-processed inductors’
    • ‘Coupler used to fabricate add-drop devices, dispersion compensators, amplifiers, oscillators, superluminescent devices, and communications systems’