Meaning of oscular in English:


Pronunciation /ˈɒskjʊlə/


  • 1 humorous Relating to kissing.

    ‘The locus of affection is in oscular delivery.’
    • ‘Their oscular activity was used as a promotional tool for Melbourne ACT-UP's World AIDS Day Kiss-In.’
  • 2Zoology
    Relating to an osculum.

    ‘Few long marginalia projecting from the oscular margin may belong to an oscular spicule rim.’
    • ‘Circular parietal openings increase in size from the base to the oscular region.’
    • ‘The sponge's basal part, oscular part and side part occur at different levels within the mud layers, which might have resulted from rapid burial.’
    • ‘Sponge heights and oscular diameters were measured using ImageTool.’
    • ‘The oscular margin of the new genus is composed of diactines that are parallel to the main body axis.’


Late 18th century from Latin osculum ‘mouth, kiss’ (diminutive of os ‘mouth’) + -ar.