Meaning of Ossete in English:


Pronunciation /ˈɒsiːt/


(also Osset)
  • 1A native or inhabitant of Ossetia.

    ‘Those who speak non-Turkic languages include Kurds, Armenians, Greeks, Circassians, Georgians, Laz, Arabs, Rom, Ossetes, Albanians, and Chechens.’
    • ‘The author does not include Nart sagas from other ethnic groups among whom the sagas are strongly represented, namely the Ossetes, Balkars and Karachays, nor those weakly represented, such as the Ingush, Chechens or Svans.’
    • ‘Ethnic Ossetes also declared their own separate republic in the north, while, in the south, Azeri and Armenian minorities complained of discrimination and occasionally rumbled about breaking away.’
    • ‘Here, in the foothills of the Caucasus ranges, lives a small ethnic minority: the Ossetes speak an Indo-Iranian language, and are thought to descend from Sarmatian nomads.’
  • 2

    another term for Ossetian (the language)

    • ‘The intelligence community has almost no knowledge of the rebarbative languages spoken in or around Afghanistan: Pashto, Farsi, Dari, Tajik, Azgari, Uzbek, Turkmen, Berber, Aimaq, Baluchi, Ossete, and Yaghnobi.’


  • Relating to Ossetia or the Ossetes.

    • ‘The Ossete mountaineers and the villagers of Mtiuleti were forced to toil without payment.’


From Russian osetin, from Georgian.