Meaning of osteoclast in English:


Pronunciation /ˈɒstɪə(ʊ)klast/


  • A large multinucleate bone cell which absorbs bone tissue during growth and healing.

    ‘The rate at which cells called osteoclasts break down bone is slowed, and the production of new bone increases.’
    • ‘Vitamin D indirectly stimulates osteoclasts to resorb bone and is necessary for the intestinal absorption of calcium.’
    • ‘Note the presence of numerous osteoclasts lining the bone trabeculae.’
    • ‘They activate mature osteoclasts indirectly through osteoblasts, inhibit osteoclast cell death, and stimulate osteoclast progenitor formation.’
    • ‘Williams also showed that genistein decreased acid secretion by osteoclasts, thus decreasing bone dissolution.’


Late 19th century from osteo-‘bone’ + Greek klastēs ‘breaker’.