Meaning of otolaryngologist in English:



See otolaryngology

‘The article gives the impression that there are no serious consequences of untreated acute otitis media, yet otolaryngologists still see cases of perforated ear drums, acute mastoiditis, and chronic suppurative otitis media.’
  • ‘In the first line of diagnostic tests, the otolaryngologist can utilize fine-needle aspiration to rapidly assess parotid swellings or masses and to establish a diagnosis and treatment plan quickly.’
  • ‘If one has a chronic form of vertigo, one should see either an otoneurologist, a neurologist who specializes in dizziness, or a neurotologist who is an otolaryngologist who specializes in ear disease.’
  • ‘Both authors are otolaryngologists with an interest in neurotology and facial palsy.’
  • ‘The craniofacial team consists of dentists, orthodontists, social workers, speech therapists, feeding specialists, psychologists, and otolaryngologists in addition to plastic surgeons, anesthesia care providers, and nurses.’