Meaning of out of commission in English:

out of commission

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  • 1Not in service; not in working order.

    ‘my car is out of commission until a new clutch arrives’
    • ‘How long do you think your car will be out of commission?’
    • ‘But an engine defect put the car out of commission at 14, 500 kilometers.’
    • ‘Since my car was out of commission, I decided to take a walk, after all the ‘Old Barns’ wasn't very far from my house.’
    • ‘He asked hesitantly, knowing that my car was out of commission at the moment.’
    • ‘Repairs to Orkney's largest fishing vessel, Orcades Viking III, look likely to cost more than one million pounds with the boat being out of commission until May at the earliest.’
    • ‘The pool was out of commission until the end of May while repairs were carried out.’
    • ‘The old steam frigate was taken out of commission in March after 34 years' service.’
    • ‘All of them looked up at the car and Officer Swan came back their way, ‘Well with your car out of commission I thought I'd get you a ride… and this is all they had left.’’
    • ‘There were no injuries, but the helicopter was put out of commission until replacement parts arrived.’
    • ‘And until they were totally destroyed, and the lab out of commission, the cartel would continue to bring in the shipments in this manner.’
    not in service, unavailable for use, not in use, out of action, unserviceable
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    1. 1.1(of a person) unable to work or function normally, especially through illness or injury.
      ‘I'm employing her; I have to know how long she's likely to be out of commission’
      • ‘I do not understand what I thought I was missing; it's not as if I had been rowing for years when my injury put me so out of commission.’
      • ‘No federal law governs health-club contracts, but you should be able to cancel if you move more than 25 miles from the club or an injury puts you out of commission.’
      • ‘A major injury puts you out of commission for a minimum of four weeks.’
      • ‘He began competing at the national level, but was put out of commission for a while by a knee injury.’
      • ‘In the future, an athlete who puts her knee out of commission by tearing the anterior cruciate ligament will be able to obtain a bio-engineered replacement that will be as good, or even better, than the original tissue.’
      • ‘And so, it puts them out of commission for that period of time.’
      • ‘‘I had broken my wrist playing soccer and that pretty much put me out of commission,’ explains Bromley.’
      • ‘Mike Frank will only be out short term, but with Dara and John out of commission for the time being, the opportunity is there for others to make their mark.’
      • ‘After Jimmy and Mr. Devlin are nearly killed in a car bomb, Devlin is knocked out of commission, leaving Jimmy some big shoes to fill!’
      • ‘Her replacement, Joel Ruimy, was sailing along, keeping Arnold at bay until a heart attack took him out of commission several weeks ago.’