Meaning of out of hand in English:

out of hand

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  • 1Not under control.

    ‘things were getting a bit out of hand at the picket line’
    • ‘The wild flowers are getting a bit out of hand and I've had to do a little selective pruning.’
    • ‘It was a bit unusual but I just thought someone who hated dogs and was crazy just let things get a bit out of hand.’
    • ‘It was a pity that the game got a bit out of hand in the last quarter and that three players were sidelined.’
    • ‘It was certainly a boost to the ego to have all those female fans idolising you, but it did get a bit out of hand sometimes.’
    • ‘There are moments when Caribbean winds, normally an elixir, get a bit out of hand.’
    • ‘I am sorry to interrupt the honourable member, but interjections are getting a bit out of hand.’
    • ‘I think we're already beginning to see cash diplomacy getting a little bit out of hand.’
    • ‘We had a committee inquiry to hear how the Inland Revenue Department could get a bit out of hand.’
    • ‘We wanted to make a side program to that but it grew a little bit out of hand.’
    • ‘Just take for example, you and I were at a party and we had a bit of an argument and it got a little bit out of hand.’
    out of control, uncontrollable, unmanageable, ungovernable, unruly, disorderly, rowdy, wild, boisterous, difficult, disruptive, ill-disciplined, undisciplined, refractory, recalcitrant, intractable, impossible, obstreperous, fractious, wayward, incorrigible
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  • 2Without taking time to think.

    ‘they rejected negotiations out of hand’
    • ‘His last attempt at negotiating with an unwavering leader has now been rejected out of hand.’
    • ‘Howard claims to be flabbergasted that anyone should reject it out of hand.’
    • ‘The Sunday Herald has seen the confidential document which prompted the SRU to reject the deal out of hand.’
    • ‘To be a university president, you are supposed to reject any such notion out of hand.’
    • ‘Anyone else have an opinion on this matter than I can reject out of hand or use to bolster my position?’
    • ‘One, that we did not reject out of hand a great offer that was made to us in Camp David.’
    • ‘However, a few months later the Assembly of the League of Nations rejected out of hand the proposal as being premature.’
    • ‘Klotz rejects out of hand the idea that a retirement should be a time for slowing down.’
    • ‘Disagree with me by all means, dear reader, but don't dismiss me out of hand.’
    • ‘I think you are lucky that you were brought up in regional Australia because you cannot dismiss it out of hand.’