Meaning of out of time in English:

out of time

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  • 1At the wrong time or period.

    ‘I felt that I was born out of time’
    • ‘On stage, she wears white pre-Raphaelite frocks, and she confesses to being born out of time.’
    • ‘He seems a figure born almost out of time, a figure from the English Civil War born into the early 20th century.’
    • ‘Half tale of an adolescent's lost innocence, half a denunciation of racial intolerance, it seems curiously out of time on the big screen now, yet is brilliantly realised as both film and politics.’
    • ‘As we've come to expect from them, this debut is a minimal, tranquil folk album that seems to have fallen out of time.’
    • ‘He's a man out of time.’
    • ‘They have seemed like men out of time throughout their career as parlour entertainers in the grand British tradition.’
    • ‘Yes, it was at first glance quaint and seemingly out of time, but it was also monumentally impressive and alive.’
    • ‘His life and work existed out of time, marrying innovation to an old-time American sensibility with a singular sense of humor like precious few.’
    • ‘It arrived the following Monday - a day out of time.’
    • ‘It may just make for a transporting, surreal experience: the music gave me the feeling that I was a traveller out of time, a brief visitor from another place entirely.’
  • 2Not in accordance with the appropriate musical rhythm or tempo.

    • ‘every time we get to this part in the song, you are out of time’