Meaning of outage in English:


Pronunciation /ˈaʊtɪdʒ/

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  • A period when a power supply or other service is not available or when equipment is closed down.

    ‘frequent power outages’
    • ‘a planned refuelling outage’
    • ‘Providing phone service during a power outage is another technical problem.’
    • ‘There have also been significantly fewer instances of lower voltage power outages.’
    • ‘They tend to simply shut off their production lines, if the power outage is for extended periods.’
    • ‘Analysts estimate such power outages contribute to about 25 percent of network downtime.’
    • ‘There is a shortage of water, and there are frequent electric power outages in the larger cities.’
    • ‘However, many homes were left without power due to outages and electricity wires brought down by fallen trees also posed a problem.’
    • ‘This would have brought an end to the frequent power outages that plagued the territory persistently last year.’
    • ‘In the event of a power outage, the inverter is no longer able to detect the grid and will not produce power.’
    • ‘In the event of alternating power outages, water would have to be supplied via tanker trucks, he added.’
    • ‘Stock up on non-perishable food and water supplies in case of a power outage.’
    • ‘In extreme cases they cause electrical power outages and damage to communications networks and satellites.’
    • ‘You don't expect there to be a significant amount of electrical outages or power grid problems?’
    • ‘Most of the breakdowns happened because of power outages caused by salt spray on electricity lines or because of wind damage.’
    • ‘It's ideal for remote vacation cabins with no electricity or areas prone to power outages.’
    • ‘They tend to be easy to program, and because they run on batteries, the clocks do not lose time during power outages.’
    • ‘Service outages prevent applications from communicating across the network.’
    • ‘And widespread damage and widespread power outages are reported across Florida.’
    • ‘Our hotel has high ceilings, spacious rooms, and constant power outages.’
    • ‘Radio stations reported brief power outages and said residents of some areas scurried into the streets, fearing their houses might collapse.’
    • ‘So let's hope there are no power outages in that area any time soon.’