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Pronunciation /ˈaʊtkʌm/

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  • The way a thing turns out; a consequence.

    ‘it is the outcome of the vote that counts’
    • ‘The cleverness of the report lies in showing how the same trends might result in different outcomes.’
    • ‘As a consequence many strokes and the attendant outcomes could have been prevented.’
    • ‘We still don't know what the outcome will be, but if it is successful the payoff will be huge.’
    • ‘One of the outcomes of trauma is impaired short term and sometimes long term memory.’
    • ‘Therefore we did not examine drug effects on intermediate outcomes such as worm infection.’
    • ‘It is just a question of it not being the only weapon we can use to influence outcomes.’
    • ‘Knowing that a dream is a dream never allows the dreamer to influence the outcome.’
    • ‘Many Allied soldiers were simply too far away to influence the outcome of the battle.’
    • ‘If you play the rule that suit must be followed, the outcome of the trick is more a matter of chance.’
    • ‘The law is in a state of development and the outcome of this case is fact sensitive.’
    • ‘Has there ever been a situation in which such a problem effected the outcome of a match?’
    • ‘It is impossible for me at this stage to form any view as to the likely outcome of this issue.’
    • ‘Although he was only in hospital for six days, the outcome could have been much worse.’
    • ‘We don't get to vote in your election, but its outcome can mean life or death to millions.’
    • ‘He suggests that people tend to vote less when they think they know what the outcome is going to be.’
    • ‘We did not agree with the outcomes and we voted against the bill when we deliberated.’
    • ‘Whatever the outcome of the vote, there will be important lessons to draw from this.’
    • ‘These incidents have been reported to the police each time, but we have had no positive outcomes for us.’
    • ‘It is wasteful, and spending and outcomes have increasingly become disconnected.’
    • ‘When you see people suffering like that, you think, well, what allows those outcomes?’
    result, end result, consequence, net result, upshot, effect, after-effect, aftermath, conclusion, sequel, follow-up, issue, product, end product, end, development, offshoot, outgrowth, wake, denouement
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