Meaning of outdoorsy in English:



informal North American
  • Of, associated with, or fond of the outdoors.

    • ‘Bill is such an outdoorsy kind of guy’
    • ‘By the way, this is totally a relationship question because I'm attracted to athletic, outdoorsy guys, but I'm a physical coward.’
    • ‘She hated being indoors all the time; she was more of an outdoorsy girl.’
    • ‘You can tell he's a fun outdoorsy kind of guy.’
    • ‘It was interesting to watch the dynamics between an easygoing outdoorsy farm type of guy and a polished educated city girl.’
    • ‘There's such a boom in families and there are a lot of outdoorsy, active people here.’
    • ‘But it seemed right for the owners, an athletic, outdoorsy couple with three young daughters who wanted a house that was fun and youthful, yet sophisticated.’
    • ‘While you need a dancer to do this kind of work, our dancers are certainly athletic, outdoorsy people.’
    • ‘He's a very outdoorsy guy who loves yoga and nature and stuff.’
    • ‘Its outdoorsy Peru, Chile, Argentina, and Brazil itineraries can be packed with private perks like after-dark tours of Machu Picchu.’
    • ‘I am, after all, the epitome of rugged and outdoorsy.’
    • ‘There's a lot of hiking trails and outdoorsy stuff around the campus.’
    • ‘Despite the interesting tales of business travel and outdoorsy getaways, I didn't stay long.’
    • ‘The models were more outdoorsy and sensible, the clothing worn almost sexlessly.’
    • ‘Now to the matter of getting children, especially boys, especially sporty outdoorsy boys, to read more.’
    • ‘In summer, it's crammed with outdoorsy types, lured by the fishing, horse-riding, canoeing, quad-biking, white-water rafting and the 200 miles of marked walking trails.’
    • ‘Holding her so close, I notice that her body has a special perfume, not from soap because I didn't use any soap - a sweet outdoorsy freshness that I've never smelled on anyone before.’
    • ‘I know you are, but I also know you're not very outdoorsy, and that you'd much prefer to be in civilization if you can help it.’
    • ‘And having developed certain outdoorsy tendencies in middle age, I have also discovered the quiet (if rather frosty) pleasures of cross-country skiing.’
    • ‘All the kids I know for whom TV is restricted seem absolutely fine and are more outdoorsy and better balanced, I think.’
    • ‘Having never been outdoorsy type people, my parents had never got around to getting rid of the swing set, fort, and slide that were back there from our childhood.’
    athletic, fit, active, energetic, outdoor