Meaning of outliner in English:


Pronunciation /ˈaʊtlʌɪnə/


  • A computer program, or part of a program, which allows its user to create and edit a hierarchically arranged outline of the logical structure of a document.

    ‘For example, the web site allows you to purchase their excellent outliner software online.’
    • ‘Brilliantly, notebooks are not hierarchic, so no outliners here.’
    • ‘That method works well for me because for any moderately lengthy document I'll have used the outliner to put the skeleton of the document in place.’
    • ‘The word processor lacks the ability to be used as a proper outliner, concealing or hiding paragraphs according to their heading level.’
    • ‘I tend to use it as an outliner and my students use it both as a note taker and a study guide.’