Meaning of outmoded in English:


Pronunciation /aʊtˈməʊdɪd/

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  • Old-fashioned.

    ‘an outmoded Victorian building’
    • ‘Isn't it time to declare all such vessels outmoded, obsolete and a danger to peace?’
    • ‘My only cavil is that I would have liked to see her in a part which gave her greater scope to display her abilities, rather than in this outdated and outmoded piece.’
    • ‘Costumes are cultural repositories; they are antiquated, outmoded images of a nostalgised past.’
    • ‘Many organizations fail to disband outdated or outmoded processes.’
    • ‘Luckily, there's still plenty of outmoded and simplistic theories.’
    • ‘It would have forced us to re-vamp our outmoded taxation system.’
    • ‘Property rates are an outmoded method of raising revenue as people's incomes are no longer related to the property that they live in.’
    • ‘Such twaddle is outmoded and a sure formula for disappointment.’
    • ‘But at the same time they talked down the prospects for electrification as though it was yesterday's outmoded solution.’
    • ‘Historically both are central to the sides they represent but they should be no more than that, just outmoded symbols of a past which should be left behind.’
    • ‘Failure to do so will mean that outmoded services and practices will prevail and that improvements in the patient experience will not be achieved.’
    • ‘But then, who gives a toss for outmoded aesthetics these days, eh?’
    • ‘Today, the risks of not knowing more about your customers mean that traditional methods of surveying us are increasingly outmoded.’
    • ‘To some, the sculpture park will seem an outmoded concept.’
    • ‘For some, this is an outmoded concept, almost a quaint one.’
    • ‘You may think of them as quaint or outmoded, but vanity units are incredibly useful in maintaining the look of a clutter-free bathroom.’
    • ‘In the early 1990s the authorities froze the project because of lack of funding and outmoded technology.’
    • ‘So it's a pretty dubious and in fact now a completely outmoded term.’
    • ‘I am suggesting that claims toward a kind of universal truth are not outmoded.’
    • ‘I'm outmoded in this city of nouveau riche values and consumer durables.’
    out of date, old-fashioned, outdated, out of fashion, outworn, dated, behind the times, ancient, archaic, antiquated, obsolescent, dead, obsolete, disused, defunct, abandoned, tired, exhausted, stale, hackneyed, superannuated
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