Meaning of outro in English:


Pronunciation /ˈaʊtrəʊ/


  • The concluding section of a piece of music or a radio or television programme.

    • ‘we had played enough for the outro’
    • ‘It's capped off with an ultra-suave outro that shows Radio 4 knows how to deal out the style with the substance in equal dollops.’
    • ‘This is a bleak and brooding song yet the uplifting outro give a sense of hope for the flawed central character.’
    • ‘The songs on the CD I can do without; it's the station IDs, the ads, the intros and outros that almost make me wish I could cobble together a wayback machine of my own and go live there, just for a summer, just once.’
    • ‘We've also tried to get rid of long intros and outros.’
    • ‘What makes this record are the spoken intros, outros and in-betweens, in which he adds political resonance.’
    • ‘They stop doing this for the final chorus, then resume in earnest for the outro.’
    • ‘The orchestra played the outro while Yurika finished her dance and stopped in her final position.’
    • ‘The keyboards are warm, and the harmony guitar solo in the outro is totally awesome (as all harmony guitar solos are destined to be).’
    • ‘Here, the band gets maximum impact from a lengthy outro comprised only of the phrase ‘Hey Hey Hey.’’
    • ‘It went down well, with Trent drawing out the peaceful piano breaks, and the extended outro sending the moshpit into a frenzy as one should hope.’
    • ‘The outros at the end of some of the tracks are more interesting than the songs themselves and the title track will make a suitable first single.’
    • ‘Her outros to reports on the show have often been heavy with superfluous emotional cues for viewers.’
    • ‘It also features a hyperkinetic outro that finally captures the galvanization we could've used from the outset.’
    • ‘The device is a little less effective when repeated for the outro, but they vary the approach slightly by filling the silence with a delay-drenched keyboard and cropping the buildup.’
    • ‘But either way, as the charming outro bids you farewell before a deceiving extra track, it's evident that The Sways have put together something a bit special here.’
    • ‘The most impressive moment is the vaudeville-esque outro, fleshed out with seemingly decaying accordions.’
    • ‘The result is a short outro that is just as charming as ‘Runaway’ proper is unrelentingly glorious.’
    • ‘Glasser's gently scraped bowing in the outro is a perfect close.’
    • ‘Furthermore, the breakbeat-laden outro to the attack comes off as monotonous and tacked-on.’
    • ‘I got to the ending and missed a few notes on the outro.’


1960s from out, on the pattern of intro.