Meaning of outshine in English:


Pronunciation /aʊtˈʃʌɪn/

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verbpast participle verb outshone

[with object]
  • 1Shine more brightly than.

    ‘a supernova would outshine all the other stars in its galaxy’
    • ‘Already it is impossible to miss the planet, a yellow-orange disc in the south-eastern sky far outshining the brightest star, Sirius.’
    • ‘From some angles, a supernova may outshine a galaxy.’
    • ‘No one had failed to see the awe-inspiring sight: it was so bright that it outshone the sun and turned the night into a veritable midnight afternoon.’
    • ‘Vastly outshone by their brighter stellar brethren, these not-quite-stars are extremely difficult to detect.’
    • ‘Venus is unmistakably bright, outshining all other stars and planets right now.’
    • ‘The optical afterglow of this burst is still so bright that it outshines the entire galaxy in which it is located, making it too bright to obtain information about its host galaxy for now.’
    • ‘A supernova is an explosion of a massive star - the explosion is so bright that it briefly outshines the rest of the galaxy.’
    • ‘Supernovae can outshine an entire galaxy and are often easily seen in neighbouring galaxies with simple amateur telescopes.’
    • ‘The stars shined as brightly as they could, as if trying to outshine the other lights that hung in the night sky.’
    • ‘They are more than a billion times brighter than the Sun and can outshine an entire galaxy for several weeks.’
    • ‘For half a minute, the burst outshone the gamma rays from all the rest of the universe.’
    outshine, eclipse, put in the shade, surpass, exceed, excel, be superior to, outclass, outstrip, outdo, top, cap, trump, transcend, tower above, tower over, dwarf, upstage, shame, put to shame, outdistance, lead
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    1. 1.1Be much better than (someone) in a particular area.
      ‘it is a shame when a mother outshines a daughter’
      • ‘But it's time to put our hands up and admit the French do outshine us in one particular area of popular music: hip hop.’
      • ‘However, you do make a good point about outshining people.’
      • ‘One girl stepped up and told me it's not about outshining another person.’
      • ‘She's just a great girl with this personality that outshines her.’
      • ‘Indeed, it is not just television personalities that often outshine real people.’
      • ‘But Reagan was frequently paired with actresses who outshone him.’
      • ‘Scott Hamilton grabbed a hat-trick of tries, but even he was outshone by his colleague on the right flank.’
      • ‘He outshone Richard Gere on screen and instantly began making waves in Hollywood.’
      • ‘Data from the U.S. Department of Education and from several recent university studies show that far from being shy and demoralized, today's girls outshine boys.’
      • ‘It was just crazy that he would have these feelings for her, when she was outshone in the two most desirable traits by the two girls who normally sat beside her.’
      • ‘He also played on the school's football team, but generally Flanagan outshone him in everything.’
      • ‘The greatest delight and the highest reward of the teacher came when his pupil outshone him.’
      • ‘Italians are higher-than-average consumers of high-end products, outshining the US.’
      • ‘‘In certain regards, she outshines me,’ says Pak of his wife.’
      • ‘The production complements him, yet never outshines him.’
      • ‘Despite her relatively plain looks, she outshines Murphy every time they're on screen together.’
      • ‘The Palm OS outshines its rivals through its ability to combine application variety with compatibility.’
      • ‘How must it feel to know that not just one, but two of the bands you drummed for, so brightly outshine your own?’
      • ‘Everywhere the fictitious, the unauthentic and the dramatic are outdistancing and outshining the ordinary, the authentic and the real.’
      • ‘Needless to say, diamonds outshone the beautiful models.’
      surpass, be superior to, overshadow, eclipse, outclass, dwarf, tower above, tower over, put in the shade, upstage, put to shame, excel, exceed, transcend, top, cap, trump, beat, better, outstrip, outrun
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