Meaning of outworking in English:


Pronunciation /ˈaʊtwəːkɪŋ/


mass noun
  • 1The action or process by which something is brought to completion.

    ‘the practical outworking of EU legislation’
    • ‘It is one thing to accept God's Word by faith, but it is another thing to act on that faith and show forth its practical outworking.’
    • ‘The following illustration might help us see how archaeological information can bring greater understanding to specific incidents and their outworking in Scripture.’
    • ‘This he sees as the latest outworking of a history which involves a ‘collision between contingency and enduring tradition.’’
    • ‘The outworking of that motion hasn't been finalised.’
    • ‘Faith in Hebrews is always described in terms of its outworking.’
    • ‘It is clear that a Government does have a responsibility to provide laws to enable the just and equitable outworking of many relationships in society.’
    • ‘Any outworking of this dominion mandate must be for good, not evil.’
    • ‘He then moves from the history of the dichotomy to its outworking in recent scholarship.’
    • ‘The paper also ignores the practical difficulties inherent in the outworking of a political settlement which has an acceptance of the unionist veto as its central tenet.’
    • ‘It is an outworking of both laws and chance happenings.’
    • ‘The objective record of history confirms the outworking of both.’
    • ‘Now, moving backwards through Scripture, we will see the outworking of this plan through history.’
    • ‘The history of the human race provides a long, sad record of the outworking of curses pronounced upon such people.’
    • ‘Morality was the outworking of religious conversion and was viewed as necessary for civic participation in the nation.’
    • ‘I suspect that the outworking of this provision will need to be closely monitored because it is unable to be reviewed or challenged.’
    • ‘If it is an outworking of our argument, then I do not shrink from that.’
  • 2mainly Australian The action or process of doing outwork.