Meaning of oven glove in English:

oven glove



(North American oven mitt)
  • A padded glove for handling dishes in or from a hot oven.

    ‘Wrap your hand in an oven glove then hold the oyster, flat side uppermost.’
    • ‘With a suitably thick cloth or oven glove, transfer each dish or shell to a plate that you have lined with a napkin.’
    • ‘For the scrubbing, he will use what looks like an oven glove but is far scratchier.’
    • ‘Remember to have oven gloves or mittens nearby to avoid burning hands on hot skewers or griddle plates.’
    • ‘I know it's not as simple as buying co-ordinating oven gloves, towels and apron, but it's a good place to start.’
    • ‘Like many other jobs I dare say it's easy once you know how but as someone who has the manual dexterity of a frog wearing oven gloves I was quite impressed.’
    • ‘Remove the large pancake from the oven using a pair of oven gloves.’
    • ‘Poppy, my most excellent beagle, had done nothing except pull the oven gloves down from the worktop.’
    • ‘Safia appeared at the doorway clutching three plates of blackened fish in a pair of huge flowery oven gloves.’
    • ‘In the end, the only way Mum could hope to get any peace was to buy me a pair of oven gloves and begin to train me up on the safe use of the cooker.’
    • ‘It was an afternoon spent hearing about the speed with which oven gloves are selling locally at the moment, in a kitchen filled with beautifully-made decorations.’
    • ‘That was why Jenny and Danny had been using oven gloves.’
    • ‘For something a little different in the kitchen, sew a pocket onto the palm of each of your oven gloves and fill them with rosemary.’