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over and above

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  • In addition to.

    ‘exceptional service over and above what normally might be expected’
    • ‘In fact, he had made a new addition to his daily itinerary over and above what he had been doing before.’
    • ‘There are some locations where traffic calming, over and above that provided by the existing laws of the highway, may be desirable.’
    • ‘Any money allows us to improve patient comfort or bring in new equipment that is over and above what we would normally buy for ourselves.’
    • ‘Drill pay, while adequate, is over and above what they are paid on their civilian jobs.’
    • ‘He behaved as an employee but had an interest as shareholder over and above that of employee and stood to gain if the company prospered.’
    • ‘A farmer may also apply for an additional bond over and above his or her basic quota.’
    • ‘Each target audience requires information that is unique to itself over and above the general information.’
    • ‘Any profit they make over and above the interest charges of the loan, increases the value of the fund for all participating investors.’
    • ‘The deal included a signing on bonus and an extra £85-a-day over and above their wages.’
    • ‘It is not envisaged that the proposal will lead to any increase in noise from the site over and above any that may be generated at present.’
    in addition to, on top of, over and beyond, plus, as well as, besides, not to mention, along with, let alone
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