Meaning of over the hill in English:

over the hill

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  • Old and past one's best.

    • ‘a once famous ballerina, now over the hill’
    • ‘In the movie, Rocky will be a lonely, over the hill and impoverished loser, unloved by everyone and a shadow of his former mighty self.’
    • ‘I had my second child at 39 and that really was considered over the hill.’
    • ‘Of course she is completely over the hill and everyone knows it.’
    • ‘Older rugby players proved they are not over the hill at the start of Swindon's Masters in Sport Tag Rugby sessions.’
    • ‘His vibrant symphonies four, five and six show him at his peak, but this sinfonia is over the hill.’
    • ‘Many of his players are over the hill, and others that he has brought in are just not good enough to prosper at the very highest level.’
    • ‘A rider can arrive at the start of the Tour under-form, but not over the hill.’
    • ‘At an age when most batsmen are over the hill, he is producing some of the best batting of his career.’
    • ‘The smart young women at the agency made it clear that they considered me well over the hill.’
    past one's prime, not as young as one was, not as young as one used to be
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