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over the moon

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informal mainly British
  • Extremely happy; delighted.

    • ‘they're going on holiday on Wednesday so they're all over the moon’
    • ‘She is still over the moon, stunned and elated and by her good fortune.’
    • ‘There was absolute jubilation around and people were over the moon with it.’
    • ‘I'm delighted for him and I'm really and truly over the moon for what he's achieved.’
    • ‘You can tell I'm over the moon by the amount I have rambled on!’
    • ‘Joe, who has worked at the centre since 1991, said he was over the moon with the award which he said was for everyone who works at the centre.’
    • ‘He was over the moon and planned to be there at the birth.’
    • ‘The call up came last weekend and I was over the moon with it.’
    • ‘Now she's over the moon that in the space of three years, she's not only got herself a fascinating hobby but a husband and business as well.’
    • ‘There is actually some good news though, I am now 8 months pregnant and with my new partner who is over the moon at having a child.’
    • ‘If we won the championship, naturally we would be over the moon.’
    ecstatic, euphoric, thrilled, overjoyed, elated, delighted, on cloud nine, on cloud seven, treading on air, walking on air, in seventh heaven, jubilant, rapturous, beside oneself with joy, jumping for joy, exultant, transported, delirious, enraptured, blissful, in raptures, as pleased as Punch, cock-a-hoop, as happy as a sandboy, as happy as Larry, like a child with a new toy
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    From The Cow jumped over the Moon, a line from a nursery rhyme.