Meaning of overachieve in English:


Pronunciation /əʊv(ə)rəˈtʃiːv/

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  • Do better than expected; achieve more than is standard or usual.

    ‘David continued to overachieve all through high school’
    • ‘with these teams all overachieving, it looks increasingly likely that some of the league's regulars will face the drop’
    • ‘Credit should be given to the players who continue to overachieve when managerial changes and boardroom struggles would have ripped apart most teams.’
    • ‘It's a mistake at this point to confuse ‘inexperienced’ with ‘inept’ - although I hope that Stephen is right and that Cameron has been overachieving.’
    • ‘The leader of an ordinary bunch of footballers who overachieved at the World Cup should have made his exit after the summer extravaganza.’
    • ‘We constantly overachieve, and the fact that we've won two Grand Slams in living memory isn't indicative of the strength in our game, but of the wonderful job our national coaches have done.’
    • ‘For any of the following to succeed, their team must overachieve and get to the latter stages.’
    • ‘Sweden overachieved in Japan and Korea, winning the ‘group of death’ almost through sheer stubbornness, but their methodical approach is not the sort to bring tournament success.’
    • ‘On the other hand, with solidarity, as Wimbledon showed in the 1980s, a team can overachieve.’
    • ‘The Danes often overachieve in tournaments and another quarter-final beckons.’
    • ‘After overachieving for most of last season, the Jazz stumbled down the stretch.’
    • ‘All of his teams overachieved because Herbie understood how to get the best out of each player and make him part of a team.’
    • ‘‘His team overachieved more than any team in the league,’ Stotts says.’
    • ‘In my mind, Van Gundy has overachieved since day one.’
    • ‘The Sharks overachieved in a lot of people's estimation.’
    • ‘The Cardinals have overachieved to get here and if they get to even 7-9, that will be even more of a feat.’
    • ‘That victory made the Patriots a nice story as the underdogs that overachieved and miraculously had their dreams come true.’
    • ‘It has helped build togetherness in a unit that has overachieved.’
    • ‘As he overachieved in one arena after another, he surprised us all.’
    • ‘The defense, where many players are working for the NFL's minimum wage, has overachieved.’
    • ‘There, she explains, she found friends who had not overachieved in class nor aspired to elected office.’
    • ‘The next night, he said his players had overachieved in many ways this season.’