Meaning of overanalyse in English:


Pronunciation /əʊvərˈanəlʌɪz/


[with object]
  • Analyse (something) in too much detail.

    ‘his movies have been overanalysed’
    • ‘I do tend to overanalyse’
    • ‘My girlfriend, Lisa, says I overanalyze my assignments.’
    • ‘They are far too self-absorbed to waste any precious time overanalyzing you.’
    • ‘I have often been accused of thinking too much, of over-analyzing trivialities.’
    • ‘I don't feel like overanalyzing or worrying tonight; life's too short.’
    • ‘They need to overanalyse every little thing in the build up to what is a friendly game.’
    • ‘Their need to overanalyze helps explain why the New York-centric national media played up the London news almost more than the U.K. media.’
    • ‘All these people you blocked for a perfectly innocent reason are going to over-analyze the situation.’
    • ‘They think that intellectual leaders have the weakness of overanalyzing problems.’
    • ‘Never once did he post something that I had to over-analyze.’
    • ‘I think, perhaps here in Washington, we are overanalyzing the health care piece of this.’
    • ‘I now realise that I had been over-analysing too many things.’
    • ‘Today I mostly hate people who over-analyse things that don't need analysing.’
    • ‘I have long ago learnt not to over-analyze… it is a killjoy.’
    • ‘I don't complicate the process by overanalyzing or spending a large amount of time on this process.’
    • ‘Anyhow, I also want to avoid over-analysing things too much, which is another reason why keeping active is probably healthy.’
    • ‘I think we tend to overanalyze things to the point that we take the sensory enjoyment out of them.’
    • ‘Don't overanalyze, anguish or ask… Just do it!’
    • ‘Certainly, throughout her years in the public eye Goody has been courted, vilified and yes over-analysed.’
    • ‘My wife said that she thought that I overanalyzed things.’
    • ‘Dammit, I need to stop whining and moaning and overanalysing everything.’