Meaning of overbearing in English:


Pronunciation /əʊvəˈbɛərɪŋ/

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  • Unpleasantly overpowering.

    ‘an overbearing, ill-tempered brute’
    • ‘Our disciple goes from pompous to positively overbearing.’
    • ‘The dictionary definition of arrogance suggests overbearing behavior based on inappropriate views.’
    • ‘This is a small, proud country existing in the shadow of a large, overbearing neighbour.’
    • ‘When you have an inbred arrogance, you are undoubtedly going to appear overbearing and rude.’
    • ‘But like many young talents, he fell victim to an overbearing and ambitious parent, intent on living through his son.’
    • ‘Besides, with my hideous deformity and your overbearing mother, we'd only be punishing ourselves.’
    • ‘The waiters, by the way, were exceptionally helpful without being overbearing, and really seemed to know what to advise.’
    • ‘Did they have an overbearing father to live up to?’
    • ‘It claimed that an overbearing and threatening management style was leading to staff stress, inefficiency and ill-health.’
    • ‘Wilhemina is a rising surgeon who begrudgingly meets and greets inept blind dates to appease her overbearing mother.’
    • ‘It promotes a large, bureaucratic, overbearing government state which is protected from free market competition.’
    • ‘My parents aren't the snoopy, overbearing kind that stop by to check on your laundry technique.’
    • ‘At all levels, cunning teachers allied with overbearing students.’
    • ‘I was wearing a festive but not overbearing reddish shirt and Keith was decked out in some sleek black duds.’
    • ‘Such a dangerous, overbearing contraption can no longer be relied upon to deliver the social contracts with its citizens that it once did.’
    • ‘A new survey has revealed that overbearing mothers-in-law are to blame for as many as one in five marriage breakdowns.’
    • ‘You can also meet excessively overbearing golfers who want to solve everything with an arrogant order.’
    • ‘Heavy, overbearing guitars clash with feeble pianos, annoying violins, and misplaced horns.’
    • ‘The letters show a devoted if overbearing husband who constantly chides his wife to write more often and to keep up her spirits.’
    domineering, dominating, autocratic, tyrannical, despotic, heavy-handed, oppressive, high-handed, bullying, high and mighty, lordly, lording it, officious, masterful, dictatorial, bossy, imperious, pontifical, pompous, peremptory, arrogant, cocksure, proud, overproud, overweening, presumptuous, opinionated, dogmatic
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