Meaning of overbite in English:


Pronunciation /ˈəʊvəbʌɪt/


mass nounDentistry
  • The overlapping of the lower teeth by the upper.

    count noun ‘an eager boy with an overbite’
    • ‘In particular, he reported that abnormal children with stress-related emotional disturbances had a higher number of instances of overbite and open bite than did normal children.’
    • ‘He also had large incisor teeth and the typical overbite characteristic of other kings from his family.’
    • ‘Liam, the orange-haired boy with the overbite from my Political Science class, stopped beside my table.’
    • ‘She has a slight overbite, which is difficult to notice.’
    • ‘He had a rather big nose and seemed to have an overbite.’